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cheap football team kits sale Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos have an indifferent relationship. Both defenders like to hate themselves when it comes to Barcelona and Real Madrid. So much could be seen in the last El Clasica. Ramos was sent off for a two-legged attack on Lionel Messi before showing Gerard Pique as he left the field. After the match, Pique said: “When Ramos returns home, he will regret what he did.” But when you play for your country, Spain, it’s a completely different story. They quarreled when they represented their clubs, but when it came down to them, they were like best friends in their country.

While the relationship between Ramos and Pique changes and turns off, this cannot be said of the supporters of the individual clubs and their views on the opponent’s players. Barcelona fans despise Ramos and, as we saw this week, Madrid hates Pique. Pique was present at the Madrid Open and every time he was shown on the big screen, the deafening whistles and shouts of ‘Madrid Hall’ were heard so much that the judges had to ask them to be quiet. See: Pique whistled at the Madrid Open And we certainly wouldn’t blame Ramos for smiling a little at the incident. Ramos’s reaction And he wasn’t in favor when asked about it before the retaliation of the Madrid Champions League semifinal against Athletics: “What can I tell you?” He told reporters for Sport. “If I go to Barcelona, ​​the same thing would happen to me. I won’t change people.” Every man defends his patch and done. ”

While Pique got one through Ramos at the recent El Clasica, it looks like the Madrid captain will be celebrating at the end of the season. Los Blancos have one foot in the Champions League final and have the upper hand in the La Liga title fight – as they are man utd goalkeeper kit junior on points, with Barca playing less.