Nicolas Otamendi cheap football kits with printing and the difficult decision

Manchester City defends leadership and inspiration. On Saturday it would only get one.

Blues Pep Guardiola is improving too many goals to make a strong headline offer despite a strong threat to the attack – like Tottenham last weekend.

But everywhere you look back, there seems to be problems and questionnaires.

Claudio Bravo has not yet gained experience with the reputation of Barcelona and Chile with rifles.

The full backs of Blues are on the wrong side of 30, and the state of health that requires men in these jobs to be full of energy.

John Stones has started brilliantly but has since hit a wall of false faith that has led to mistakes.

John Stones and Vincent Kompany are playing together twice
Nicolas Otamendi moved between the last heroine cheap football kits with printing and the difficult decision, while Alex Kolarov’s transition to the back was skeptical after a promising start.

The city tried to add this combination by bringing Juventus veteran Leonardo Bonucci in the summer and composing young French Aymeric Laporte, but both companies failed.

But in the last quarter of the Crystal Palace FA Cup cake, Vincent Kompany is set to play, probably from the beginning.

Of course, with the big Belgians there is nothing at the moment simple, and Pep Guardiola and his medical staff are extremely concerned about the first team missions.

Over the past two years, Kompany’s saga seemed to return to the field, and then she continued to play the old muscle damage or new.

Kompany’s last injuries he kept in the palace just fell bad luck
It has given skepticism to many city lovers a sense of whether Cheap Manchester City Football Shirt 18/19 Kids to ever return to the core of defense and team totem.

His last visit to Selhurst Park on November 19 marked the last moment of heart for Kompany and returned after three weeks of absence.

Suddenly at Bravom, it is paralyzed and without knee joints, but it’s a different story.

If it had been uncomfortable, the groin or thigh that had been damaged in the way it crashed, the voices of failure would declare it no longer look again at the city, it would be sensible.