football shirts sale You get the feeling that Jose Mourinho knew exactly

football shirts sale You get the feeling that Jose Mourinho knew exactly what he was doing when Manchester United left the Emirates Stadium with three points and only 25 per cent possession. Despite Arsenal completely dominating the match and forcing David de Gea into a number of world-class defenses, United are ominously clinically on the counterattack and abusing every single mistake that has occurred. Lourant Koscielny’s early pass quickly ended with a goal for Antonio Valencia and Skhodran Mustafi’s lazy defense doubled Jesse Lingard’s lead.

From then on, the Red Devils cracked from one to the other in a matter of seconds at every moment when Arsenal’s attack broke down, and in the 63rd minute he was effective enough to kill the game. They don’t compromise a mature performance that has diminished the resemblance to Mourinho’s daring performances between his appearances at Inter and Chelsea. Although fans will never know exactly the exact methods for the Special One master class, Chris Smalling did his best to give an insight. The 28-year-old played every minute of the fight from end to end and helped United survive difficult times of pressure. In an interview with MUTV, he explained: “I think we have continued with Watford and the fact that when we play, we can obviously play with two strikers in this system.

“Quite often [Arsenal] are used to playing only against one. We put two in front and pressed them even harder and they’re not used to that.” I think it was an enjoyment as the fans watched the match and for us as players. It was the end and the end, but I think we meant that Arsenal had to bring us to score those two early goals, which made it a very fun match. “Smalling then hinted at United’s brilliant 10-man play, and when asked about the cause, he added,“ I think it depends on our tactical work and our ability to be strong. ”They probably had about four strikers on the pitch. , so it was necessary to dig and make sure the attacking players also did their job and they were all brilliant to the man. ”I think Watford entered our match on Tuesday with great form and Arsenal, I don’t think they lost at home like we, so I don’t think we could have demanded anything more. It was a great week. ”

United found timely form ahead of the mother of all Manchester derbies in December, that’s for sure. Mourinho will need some similarly impressive tactics to nullify Pep Guardiola and co. but they would not let him pass. Do you think Manchester United will ter stegen kit win the Premier League this season? Have your say in the comments section below.